About us

The passion for internet will be translated in the creation of high quality websites, intranets or web applications. Websites which will handle thousands of visitors or a website for small/medium companies; no challenge will be too much to handle!

from scratch
We are creative

Every project from scratch

From day one, we are working together to find the best solution for your business. Whether we are creating your website or application; we put ourselves in your shoes and we start the creative process to create a beautiful list of features.

After we have completed that amazing list of functionalities, we are going to find the best system to handle it all. And if that means we have to start from scratch, so be it. We are here to create the project that suits you the best. Do your wishes or requirements change? No problem! Nothing is cast in concrete.

picking the right tool
Picking the right tool

We are DRY and not WET...

DRY - "Don't Repeat Yourself" | WET - "Write Everything Twice"

Those two terms are in our DNA. We do not create what already exists. Especially when we are talking about the base of your project. Most important is a solid base where we can move on. We also love to use additional pieces to realise your wishes and requirements. We build on this already existing technics. This is not only saving time, but also costs.

project deployment
Continuous delivery

Creating cool things; what about delivery?

We are using modern techniques to get your project up and running. And to keep it online and scalable all the time. Whether you have planned an update or having busy times online; your project is ready for it from day one. We do not compromise on deployment techniques since we believe that it is important to use this new approach.

Do you want be in control of the deployment? Do you want to be able to decide whether an update may be released? With a single button press? That is possible. No problem! You are in control, all the time.

open source community
The open source community

We can not and will not do it alone

It is cool that we are able to use free software (and there is a lot). But in our opinion it is even cooler to become a part of this world; to be one of them. Even if it is in a small way; every little piece can help someone else to create amazing projects. That is why we do not only use open source software (whether it is for free or not), but also try to give something back.